Columbus Ethnic Expo

My family went to the Ethnic Expo parade today, and had a great time. Plenty of neat floats, gorgeous cars, and people having a great time.

Ethnic Expo is a Columbus tradition, going on for 25+ years now. It’s a celebration of the ethnic diversity in Columbus. Along with the parade, there’s lots of great music and food from around the world.

Check out the Ethnic Expo website for more information!

A very lively, festive dance number is going on. Lots of colorful outfits! One of the highlights of the parade for me!

Another good frame of the above mentioned subject matter.

Mr. Vanest was my shop teacher in Middle School! If we’d had neat projects like mini tow trucks, I imagine I’d have enjoyed the class a lot more! I always look for his truck in parades!

While I typically am not a Johnny Depp fan, this guy pulled off Captain Jack quite well!

These ladies were having a great time, driving around their Red Cadillac!

View the rest at my gallery

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