Project 365 – June 7 2011 – Repairs – 158 of 365


This photo probably makes most people turn their head from side to side, look, examine, and try to decide exactly what it is.

I opened up a game in my workshop today, to take some photos for a potential buyer. It’s not my game, belongs to someone else, is just in my custody. Has been here for a couple years.

What did I find? A major assembly missing, and toothpicks sticking out of the mounting holes for the assembly.

Luckily, I have the assembly! I know exactly where it is, and it won’t be tough to put it back where it belongs.

The holes have had toothpicks glued in them, and the toothpicks will be trimmed off. The formerly stripped screws will ‘bite’ into the wood from the toothpicks, and the assembly will be mounted firmly.

I remember my Father teaching me this trick on the hinges to my closet when I was much younger. I’d crammed too much crap in there, and forced the door shut a few too many times. The screw holes eventually stripped out from the force of the door. I’ve always been amazed at how strong wood glue was!

This game belonged to my friend Mike, and when I put it back together, I will think of him. Doesn’t seem like he’s been gone for nearly 2.5 years, but he has. I miss him.

The repair will be therapeutic. This I know!

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