Project 365 – January 16, 2011 – Stacy & Vinnie – 16 of 365

Stacy & Vinnie

Tonight, I had a nice dinner with Stacy and Vinnie. We were going to stay home and make something simple, but decided to go out and splurge tonight.

I’ve read many times that taking your DSLR everywhere with you will help make you a better photographer. My ‘kit’ was quite limited tonight compared to usual, I stripped my D90 down to the absolute minimum – 18-105 kit lens, no flash, no battery grip. Made it nice and compact, to the point where it wouldn’t attract a lot of attention – and remembered how difficult it can be to shoot at a high ISO with a slow lens and no flash. But, I got a few decent shots out of the bunch, and just had to brace myself and hold the camera still.

2500 ISO on a DX sensor is not as nice as 2500 ISO on a FX sensor. But, the D90 is an excellent camera, and I should learn more about it as I learn more about my D700 as well!

After all, it’s the photographer, not the equipment!

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