February 2011 Viewfinders Meeting Photo Share – ‘Flat’

The Columbus Viewfinders Photography Club met tonight for their February, 2011 meeting.

The photo share topic was ‘Flat’. I shared the following 2 images:

One of my photo share images for February 2011 - theme is 'flat'

This photo was taken in the Columbus Indiana Veterans Memorial on February 17, 2011. I was testing out a recently purchased 14-24 ultra wide angle lens. I laid flat on my back and shot upward. I thought it was an interesting way to show the magnitude of the memorial.

A piano at Castalia

The second photo shared was of a piano at the famous Castalia mansion in Columbus, Indiana. Many of the piano strings produce ‘flat’ notes.

Along with the photo share, the club had a great discussion about Photographers Rights. It was truly interesting, as there are a lot of theories, but not so many of them are backed up with facts.

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