Project 365 – June 14 2011 – Emily – 165 of 365


Today’s photo is just a lifestyle portrait of my daughter, Emily. We were out, and she started making goofy faces. So, I snapped a few shots, and this is one of my favorites!

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Project 365 – June 13 2011 – Filters – 164 of 365

B+W Filters

After my recent filter-breaking episode, I decided it was time for some new filters. I picked up a couple new UV filters as well as a polarizer. I’ve wanted a polarizer for some time now. Hopefully, there will be some neat polarizer shots coming soon!

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Project 365 – June 12 2011 – Temperature – 163 of 365


Tonight, I didn’t really have a lot of time, so I grabbed another shot of the grill. It’s at about 300 degrees, almost time to put the burgers on. I need to make my project a priority tonight, and get out shooting again.

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Project 365 – June 11 2011 – The Devil’s Handshake – 162 of 365

Devils Handshake

Tonight, I went to a concert at a local cafe, Fork at 532.

My long-time friend Jeremy’s band, The Devil’s Handshake, was performing.

There was a pretty decent turnout for the concert, and I had a great time.

Here is a photo of Jeremy performing.

The rest of the photos can be viewed here

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Project 365 – June 10 2011 – Valve – 161 of 365


I’ve found, over the years, that there are really 2 kinds of grillers.

There are the ones who use Charcoal, and the ones who use Propane.

I am a Propane person. I like the convenience and ease of use. Turn the valve on, cook the food, turn the valve off. No charcoal taste. No long waits for charcoal to heat up, and did I mention no charcoal taste?

You may not agree. But, nobody said you have to :) I decided tonight’s photo would be of the valve of my spare propane tank, which waits in the shadows to be put into the game when relief is needed for the main propane tank!

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Project 365 – June 9 2011 – Grilling – 160 of 365


One of the things I enjoy the most about the spring is grilling dinner outside. Not only does it create less dishes, it also allows me to enjoy the weather.

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Project 365 – June 8 2011 – Bad Day – 159 of 365

70-200 2.8 VRII

As I wondered what I would photograph for P365 today, I pulled my D700 out of the bag, and removed the lens cap. It didn’t sound pretty.

Turns out, something broke the filter. I’m not sure what, exactly, but I’m glad I had the filter. Strangely enough, the lens cap was on.

I put the strap around my neck, and carefully removed the broken filter. I grabbed my rocket blower, and blew all the glass particles out. Right now, I’m debating my next moves. Other than buying another filter, anyways. Gonna give the lens a good air dusting off and then clean the front element.

Time to review how I pack that camera bag again…

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Project 365 – June 7 2011 – Repairs – 158 of 365


This photo probably makes most people turn their head from side to side, look, examine, and try to decide exactly what it is.

I opened up a game in my workshop today, to take some photos for a potential buyer. It’s not my game, belongs to someone else, is just in my custody. Has been here for a couple years.

What did I find? A major assembly missing, and toothpicks sticking out of the mounting holes for the assembly.

Luckily, I have the assembly! I know exactly where it is, and it won’t be tough to put it back where it belongs.

The holes have had toothpicks glued in them, and the toothpicks will be trimmed off. The formerly stripped screws will ‘bite’ into the wood from the toothpicks, and the assembly will be mounted firmly.

I remember my Father teaching me this trick on the hinges to my closet when I was much younger. I’d crammed too much crap in there, and forced the door shut a few too many times. The screw holes eventually stripped out from the force of the door. I’ve always been amazed at how strong wood glue was!

This game belonged to my friend Mike, and when I put it back together, I will think of him. Doesn’t seem like he’s been gone for nearly 2.5 years, but he has. I miss him.

The repair will be therapeutic. This I know!

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Project 365 – June 6 2011 – Brake Dust – 157 of 365

Brake Dust

This is one of those days where the photo is completely utilitarian, a snapshot if you will.

I was discussing the brake dust on my car with a friend today. He asked for a photo. I had a recent brake failure, and after having the brakes repaired, the dust isn’t washing off the car real well.

I actually gave my car its first bath today in at least 4 years, actually, probably 5. It looks pretty nice, and if I take some time to really detail it, it’ll look really nice.

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Project 365 – June 5 2011 – Chalk – 156 of 365

Droid Photo

This photo was actually taken with my Droid. I spent the day outside enjoying life, and didn’t pick up my DSLR today. First day of the year that I hadn’t.

Gotta say, as much as I love photography and cameras, it was liberating!

It was a very nice, enjoyable, relaxing day. Popsicles with kids, a trip to Chuck E Cheeses, a walk around the neighborhood park, jungle gyms, swings, slides, sidewalk chalk, pork BBQ for dinner, and finally, rest! Can’t think of a Sunday that sounds much better than this!

The photo was cropped to square, a little contrast and exposure tweaking, etc. I like the photo. And I love my wife :)

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