Project 365 – June 4 2011 – Metamorphosis – 155 of 365

Tadpoles.. and frogs!

You may need to click this image to see the larger one to totally see everything.

Awhile back, I posted a picture of our non-stop sump pump exhaust location. It rained a ton, and things nearby flooded.

One of the neat side effects was that our local park flooded. Well, the parking lot of the park did, anyways.

Walking along the edge of the flood waters recently (they haven’t receded entirely yet!) I made a neat discovery – tiny tadpoles.

I’ve always enjoyed Frogs and Toads. And the closer I looked, the more and more of them I saw, most the size of the tip of a felt tip pen.

Today’s photo is a photograph of the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog. If you look close, you can see a tiny frog with a tail. These were also hopping around the banks of the flood waters, smaller than a postage stamp, with a tail like a tadpole.

Pretty neat!

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Project 365 – June 3 2011 – Vinnie – 154 of 365


Today’s photo is an action photo of Vinnie – taking a drink and spitting!

It was a hot day. A very hot day. Sometimes, as an adult, I wish I could get drenched in water and spit everywhere :)

I’m behind on posting photos – they are all on my PC, waiting to be processed. Look for them soon!

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Project 365 – June 2 2011 – Baseball – 153 of 365


Went to check out my nephew, Hunter, play baseball last night at Clifty Park.

This is a photo of Hunter on his way from 2nd base to 3rd base. He eventually scored a run for his team.

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Project 365 – June 1 2011 – Stop me if you’ve heard this one… – 152 of 365


This is the remanufactured brake caliper for my car. It is not very colorful, so it looks best in black and white. Pretty quick and dirty shot tonight.

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Project 365 – May 2011 – Admin Post – 5 months down, 7 to go


Captured Sunday, May 29, 2011

70-200 f/2.8 VRII
1/640 sec
ISO 200

5 months down, 7 to go. The months keep getting busier, as does life.

The photo above is a ‘bonus’ shot, since I’d like to put something into every blog post here. It’s an ‘extra’. It won’t count towards 365, as I already featured another photo from May 29th. This is a candid shot from before the Beatersville car show in Louisville, KY. We stopped for lunch just before entering KY, along the banks of the Ohio, and found the restaurant we were going to was closed until noon – 30 minutes after we arrived! So, we headed down to the bank of the river to see what we could see.

According to my Lightroom folders, in May, I captured 1,542 frames, totaling 31.9 gigabytes of disk space. That’s way down, the least for the year!

Can’t say I have any real lessons learned in May, but I’m hopeful for June!

Thanks for taking the time from your day to look at my pictures!

Photo walks in June. That sounds awesome. Who is in?

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Project 365 – May 31 2011 – Worn Out – 151 of 365

Worn Out

These, much like the photographer, are worn out!

Upon trying to stop my car today, I lost the brakes. Found these underneath the car. Seems the left rear brake pad wore down and fell out.

I can’t say I’m surprised, I have been putting off a brake job for awhile. I had the parts, but not the time.

Sometimes, you have to make the time. That’s just how life goes.

Glad they fell out when I was pulling out of the driveway, and not going 70 MPH on the Interstate!

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Project 365 – May 30 2011 – Emily’s New Dress – 150 of 365

Emily's New Dress

This is just a fun lifestyle portrait of Emily, outside in her new green dress, with a funny face and some green fun dip stuck to her face.

I like the bokeh. It’s a fun shot. One that will remind me of a day when Emily was 4, almost 5!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody. Thanks to those who served, and those who supported those who served!

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Project 365 – May 29 2011 – Beatersville – 149 of 365


Beatersville is a Car and Bike show in Louisville, KY.

It has a large percentage of Rat Rods, and also has a Pinup girl competition.

2011 marked my first trip to Beatersville, but I hope it was not my last!

Pictured is a 46 Cadillac Hearse. I’m a Hearse fan, have always wanted one, but never had the opportunity to own one. Maybe someday.

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Project 365 – May 28 2011 – Rockin’ Rollergames – 148 of 365


This is a photo of my Rollergames pinball machine. Of all my games, Rollergames is still my favorite.

What is pictured, however, is something that sets my machine apart from the rest – most games have different targets in these locations. My Rollergames was one of the first ones manufactured.

The regular machines simply have 5 blue ‘spot’ targets in these locations, mine has drop targets – targets that drop down under the playfield, and reset once all 5 targets are knocked down. This mechanism was removed from the game because the manufacturer could save money by replacing the drop targets with regular targets.

It’s fun to play the machine how it was intended to be played.

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Project 365 – May 27 2011 – Let there be light! – 147 of 365

Burnt Interconnect Board

Featured here is the interconnect board from my Rollergames pinball machine.

The general illumination (lighting that is on most of the time, illuminates the game but is not computer controlled) has been out for awhile. But lately, I’ve been on a kick, to fix all the annoying little things that make my games less enjoyable, or not working 100%.

This is actually a pretty common problem on used pinball machines. They were never engineered to last forever, when this game was manufactured in 1989, the odds of it surviving until 2011 and being in a private gameroom, where it’s loved and cherished instead of collecting quarters for 3 years and going in a dumpster, are pretty low. If they were engineered to last forever, how would the manufacturer ever sell any more machines?

The connector was underrated for the load it would carry, and over time, the connector pins get hot and tarnish. The connectors burn, and run hotter and less efficient, until they eventually burn to the point where the connectors no longer make connection, or the pins desolder themselves from the circuit board. About $2 worth of parts and a half hour, and this connector was replaced. I love my soldering iron and desoldering gun, they make these repairs fun!

There was another burnt connector as well, which I also replaced. I enjoy doing circuit board repair. This is about as easy as board repairs get. 2 connectors had the male headers replaced and the female connectors on the wiring harness replaced as well – and now, it’s nice and bright.

I love this game!

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